Out of Line & Unconfined

Out of Line & Unconfined

Out of Line & Unconfined

Mixed-media on lavender coated pastel paper, 19½ × 27½"


Artwork Details:

The tooth of the lavender coated paper beautifully preserves the velvety texture and vibrant colors of the pastels and oil sticks. The coated surface also allows for smooth, crisp layers of acrylic paint. The variety of medium and texture in each artwork forms a dynamic composition, adding a pop of color to your space. 


Sold Unframed:

You will receive the artwork unframed, allowing you to choose a frame that best fits your space.


Framing Tip:

This frame from IKEA fits the unique size of the artwork perfectly, however, I believe the price reflects the quality of the frame. If you want to professionally frame the artwork, I would recommend Framebridge, or your local framers. But, it also looks cool bulldog clipped to the wall for a more affordable option :)


*Note: the backside of the painting may have some paintmarks and scuffs from living in an art studio :)